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I am sadly aware that several of the web pages I have put on the Internet have been bedevilled by a double interest that may leave the visitor somewhat confused. As a musical composer, my primary life activity is in the area of musical composition; but I have also been deeply involved, for some twenty odd years now, with the world of computers and computer operation systems… I am a “Linux” user myself; and decidedly a user of “Linux Mint”, too.

The visitor will find that blog entries on these two main concerns dominate my pages; sometimes music takes the lead, at other times the computer world is in the foreground.

I have long given up the hope that I may one day be able to organize this happy mix into some sort of order. For the time being, at least, they stand inseparably intertwined: Some entries on music, some on computers and their programs, and some luckier pages on both music and the computer world.